How to Sell on Snapdeal

Snapdeal, founded in 2010 by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal is one of the largest online marketplaces in India. It offers over millions of products across, in different categories from over 100,000 sellers and more, shipping to more than 5,000 towns and cities. E-commerce continues to be one of the fastest growing industries where more and more people are shopping online. Selling through the online platforms such as Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon helps in establishing the business quickly without having to worry about anything else.

Although, being a seller on Snapdeal, you have to go through the registration process, document submission, and the verification. After that, you are good to run your business online at Snapdeal with these simple procedures.

If you are an established business, you are at ease, because you already have the tax registrations requirements in place. However, if you are a new business, you must obtain certain tax registrations before selling on Snapdeal.

A Private Limited Company (PLC) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) can be started to register with Snapdeal.

They both offer a limited liability protection to the promoters, and these can be scaled or transferred being a separate legal entity.

However, Private Limited Company (PLC) is typically recommended for e-commerce sellers, as it offers the ability to scale up, access banking facilities more efficiently and attract equity funding.

Documents Required

Certain documents are necessary for seller registration process at Snapdeal. Only upon the submission of these required documents, you would be eligible to be a vendor on Snapdeal.

1.PAN Card

Permanent Account Number or a PAN card copy has to be submitted which should contain the name of your business while you are registering your account as a seller on Snapdeal. Only in the case of a Proprietorship, you can have your name on the PAN card; Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership should have the name of the business.

2.TIN Registration

TIN registration is the second required document for the registration process at Snapdeal. It is also known as VAT Registration or Sales Tax Registration. It is required for all types of sellers- online as well as offline in India for any individual or entity selling goods or services. You can obtain TIN Registration in your respective States. If you wish to sell only handicrafts, books or unstitched fabrics, then you do not need the TIN Registration.

3.Bank Account

A bank account in the name of the business is the next requirement for the registration process. A cancelled copy of the cheque issued by the Bank is required. Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership, by submitting the “Certificate of Incorporation” and the PAN card can easily open a bank account. However, the same 's hard for a Proprietorship, as they have to show the existence of the business through another mean of taxes or business registrations.

Seller Registration

A quick visit to the Snapdeal Seller Homepage gives the seller information that is required to be entered. Information such as company name, email id, mobile number, and address has to be provided along with the company PAN number and the TIN/VAT number.

Upon submission, the same will be verified and approved by a Snapdeal representative. Then you are ready to go with the selling process.

The Complete Process for seller registration on Snapdeal summarised:

  • Business Registration: Incorporating as a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership, only if required.
  • Tax Registration: Obtaining PAN and TIN Registration for your business but first obtain the PAN.
  • Bank Account: Open a bank account in your business name and issue a cheque book.
  • Snapdeal Registration: Now provide your information and the required documents to complete your Seller Registration Process.
  • Sign Partnership: Upon the verification and approval of the information and the documents provided, sign the Snapdeal Partnership Agreement.
  • Setup Online Shop: Learn the Snapdeal seller dashboard and procedures and you can now setup your online shop.

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