Trademark Registration according to Business Type

There is not much of a difference in the process of trademark registration, but there are certain documents which vary according to business types. This article gives you an overview of the key differences when it comes to registering a trademark for various business types.

Below is the list of documents that one needs for the trademark registration for a varied business type.

1. Private Limited Company

A trademark registration for a private limited company would require the following documents:

The following information is needed to be filled in the TM-Info Sheet:

  1. A Board Resolution form which needs to be signed by the Director of the company.
  2. The power of Attorney signed and self-attested with the director's name.
  3. A Trademark Information Sheets filled with the required information and signed by the applicant. The following information is needed to be filled in the TM-Info Sheet:
  • Trade name/Brand name/Mono/Logo
  • Correspondence Address with a valid pin code.
  • Name & father name.
  • Individual/Proprietor/Partnership/Pvt Ltd/Ltd.
  • Name of the Proprietor/Partner/Director.
  • Description of Goods/Services.
  • TM Class.
  • Trade Description (manufacturer/trader/both/service provider)
  • Used Trademark since (dd/mm/yy), not valid if not used.
  • Contact details.
  • Email Id.
  • Website.

The TM-information sheet is the same for all.

2. Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)

The trademark registration process requires the same documents as above, but an additional deed needs to be attached in case of Limited Liability Partnership, which is known as LLP Deed. So the documents sum up to:

  1. A Board Resolution Form
  2. The power of Attorney
  3. TM-Information Sheet
  4. LLP Deed

3. Partnership

Trademark registration for any company under partnership needs to submit the following documents:

  1. The power of Attorney
  2. TM-Information Form
  3. Partnership Deed

4. Proprietorship

The requirement for trademark registration of Proprietorship is very limited;

  1. The power of Attorney wherein there is mention of Proprietor's name along with the form name.
  2. TM-Information Sheet

5. Society

For society as business type the requirements are very basic just the format of the forms are different;

  1. The power of Attorney
  2. TM-Information Sheet

6. Trust

This type again needs a Trust Deed to be attached to the other documents, so the combination of documents required;

  1. The power of Attorney
  2. TM-information Sheet
  3. Trust Deed


If you don't have a company, and you are registering TM as an individual then the following documents are needed;

  1. The power of Attorney
  2. TM-Information Sheet.
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