Documents required for registering a Trademark

Address Proof, ID Proof along with an image of the Brand name are needed to Register a Trademark in India. Additionally, a Board Resolution and Partnership Deed maybe required if registering as a Company

To register a Trademark in India, the following documents are needed 

Brand Image

Adress Proof

Brand Image

Brand Image


Power of Attorney

Board Resolution

Board Resolution

Address Proof

The following 2 Documents are acceptable as Address Proof

1. Passport

2. Driving License

3. Utility bill

In the case of the Company, the address proof of the Company is required.

Trademark Application

The applicant has to file a trademark with the government of India (GOI) with Form TM-A along with which following documents are to be filed.

To download Format of Trademark form click below: Format of TM-A

Authorisation Document

The trademark applicant needs to provide an authorisation document (POA)  to the trademark professional to file a trademark application on their behalf. For Indian applicants, power of attorney is to be executed in 100 Rs. Stamp paper.

This can be submitted later with no additional cost.

To download Format of POA click below: Format of PoA

Trademark or Logo Copy

Soft copy of the trademark is to be submitted in a .jpeg format which is to be attached with form TM-A.

Documents required when the mark is not in the official language:

If the trademark contains symbol or words which are not in English/Hindi, then you need to provide:

  • A Translation in English
  • A Transliteration of a Word-mark in Roman Script

In a case, if the Trademark is in English, but the logo is in Hindi, you need to register both English and Hindi versions of the trademarks separately.

However, if a Trademark and the logo, both are in English, Hindi translation is not required.

Board Resolution

Trademark registration when done under the name of any artificial legal entity like a company, you need to submit board resolution as well.

To download Format of Board Resolution Format of Board resolution

In case of a company, apart from the above documents, you need to furnish the following details:

Applicant’s Details

An applicant needs to provide name, address and nationality. If the applicant is a partnership firm, the names of all partners are required (also details of the minor partners, if any).

If the applicant is a company, the state/country of Incorporation is required. 

Company’s Details

In case of a Company, Board Resolution, a partnership deed for an LLP and MSME Certificate for a small company needs to be furnished along with the necessary details of incorporation.

MSME Certificate*

An MSME Certificate provides a discount on the Government fees while filing a Trademark. For more information click here.

Documents Required for Foreigners & NRIs

A foreign applicant and NRI's need to submit the following documents with the trademark application.

  • Indian Address proof
  • Authorisation Document (POA)
  • Board resolution in case of a company.

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