What are the Documents Required for Patent Registration?

An applicant needs to submit a declaration of inventorship, statement of the undertaking, Authorization document (POA) along with all the prescribed forms. Additionally, small entities need to file Form 28 along with the application.

To obtain patent protection following documents are required.

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Address Proof

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Board Resolution

Board Resolution

Address Proof

The following Documents will be acceptable as Address Proof

  1. Utility Bill
  2. Passport
  3. Driving License

In case, the company is an applicant the applicant needs to provide address proof of the company is required.

Patent Application

The patent application with patent office should be made with Form -1 along with which the documents required are mentioned below.

Patent Specification Document

The specification document includes Title of the invention, Abstract that contains the technical aspect of the invention and claims as well. The specification document has to be written in a specified manner. In case your invention is still in the maturing stage you have an option to file a Provisional patent application which is to be followed by complete specification within 12 months.

Authorisation Document (POA)

The patent applicant needs to provide an authorisation document (POA) so that patent attorney or agent can apply on their behalf. For Indian applicants, power of attorney is executed on Rs. 100 Stamp Paper.

Nationality Proof

The applicant needs to provide nationality proof along with the patent application. The following documents  will act as nationality proof :

  • Voter Id (Indian national)
  • Aadhar Card (Indian national)
  • Passport

Board Resolution

When a patent application is made by an artificial legal entity (company, partnership firm etc.), you need to submit a board resolution for it. In the case of an artificial entity apart from the above document, you need to furnish the following documents as well:

  • Inventor's Details
  • In case a company is the applicant, they need to provide the nationality and address proof of the inventor as well.

Start-up and MSME Certificate

To increase intellectual property awareness, the Indian government launched Startup India Action Plan as per which startups receive 80% rebate in the patent filing fee, moreover small entity also are provided fee concession as compared to other artificial entities(companies).

You need to provide the following documents along with the application.

Documents Required for Foreigners & NRIs

Foreign applicant need to furnish following documents with the patent application

  • Authorisation Document (POA)
  • Nationality Proof
  • Country of residence
  • Address Proof
  • Indian Address for service of communication

Convention Application

As per the procedure followed by the Indian patent office, convention application is treated as an ordinary patent application.

Additional documents for filing convention application are:

  • Name, Nationality and address of the inventor and the applicants Details of the Priority patent application which will include application number, date of filing and jurisdiction of the country.
  • Translation of the specification, if the original application is not in English.

PCT National Phase

When an international application is made designating India as the applicant country as per PCT, the applicant file a national phase application within 31 months along with following documents.

  • International Application Number and the filing date of the application
  • Name address and nationality of the applicant
  • declaration of Inventorship as per Form - 5
  • Address for service in India
  • Translation of the specification and verification of the translation
  • Undertaking if foreign application is filed as per  Form-3

Forms Required for Patent Application



Form 1

Application for grant of a patent

Form 2

Provisional or Complete specification

Form 3

Statement and undertaking in case of foreign application

Form 5

Declaration of the inventorship

Form 26

Authorization of a patent agent

Form 18

Request for examination

Form 9

Publication request

Form 28

Applications are to be submitted by a small entity

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