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Trademark Filing Forms and Government Fees

Trademark rules, 2002, under Rules 11 and 12 provide for the regulation that governs the filing of fees and forms for the purpose of trademark prosecution in India. Trademark application and prosecution in India since its inception involves the filing of various forms by the trademark holder/agent/attorney with the registry. For smooth and successful prosecution of trademark applications, forms need to be accompanied by the prescribed fees and required documents as mentioned in the Act and Rules.

S.No Description Prescribed Forms Prescribed Fees
 1. For filing new applications there are prescribed forms depending on the nature of application TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-8 Rs.4000/-
 2. For filing new applications for multi-class trademark TM-51 Rs.4000/-
 3. To file a Notice of Opposition to oppose an application published in the Trade Marks Journal 
Rs. 2,500/- for each class covered
 4. For Renewal of a Registered trademark TM-12 Rs.5,000/-
 5. Surcharge for belated renewal TM-10 Rs. 3,000/-
 6. Restoration of removed mark TM-13
 7. Application for rectification of a registered trademark TM-26 Rs. 3,000/-
 8. Legal Certificate (Providing details of entries in the Register)  TM-46 Rs.500/-
 9. Preliminary advice of the Registrar as to the registrability of a mark TM-55 Rs.500/-
 10. Copyright search request and issuance of certificate TM-60 Rs.5000/-
 11. Application for granting Power of Attorney TM-48  
 12. Application for any kind of Correction TM-16 Rs.500/- 

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