How to Trademark a Slogan or Tag line in India

Trademark registration can be done for slogans and tagline if they are distinctive and can identify the brand or the goods and services sold under it. Tag lines and slogans are vital elements in Ad Campaigns, as businesses hope that the public will recognise their brand along with their goods and services. This makes it important to secure and protect these brand assets.

There’s more to your company’s brand identity than just a brand name and logo. For businesses, slogans and taglines can be registered as a trademark and can add value to a company’s identity, apart from just the logo and company name. Come to think of it; several big brands use catchy slogans and taglines to supplement their identity and increace the sales of their products and services. For example, Nike – Just do it (trademark registered in 2003 via the Delhi IP Office) and KFC – It’s Finger Lickin’ Good (Trademark registered in 2003 via the Delhi IP Office), to name a few.

Why you should trademark a slogan and tag lines

  • Advertising Campaigns:

Most companies use their taglines in the ATL as well as BTL Ad campaigns. In case you want to use your slogans in your promotions, then it’s best to get exclusive rights.

  • Brand Building:

A distinctive slogan can help increase your brand recall. This can make your brand more desirable and help people relate to your brand. If it’s such an important asset, it’s best to make sure that it’s protected.

Trademark a slogan or tagline

Common mistakes: trademark the right things

  • Applying for a Trademark of Informational Slogan: If you merely want to trademark a phrase or sentence for the purpose of information or entertainment, your application will be rejected. Your trademark must add to your brand’s identity, adding to the profit nature.
  • Any sort of written material: As mentioned above, the trademark should add to your brand’s identity – it should function as a trademark and help identify a brand’s goods and services. A mere quote for marketing communication or any other communication cannot be trademarked.
  • Non-use of Trademarked Slogan: In case you have trademarked your slogan, but don’t use it, it could lead to abandonment or cancellation of your mark. This will allow other parties to use and apply for your abandoned mark. Remember to renew your trademark regularly, trademarks are only valid for a period of 10 years.

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