How to view and download Form 26AS from TRACES website?

Form 26AS is also known as your Tax Credit Statement. It is considered to be an important document for tax filing purposes. It is a statement that lists the details of the amount deducted as TCS or TDS from different sources of income of a taxpayer. It also records the details of advance tax or self-assessment tax paid by the taxpayer. Moreover, it is also responsible for reflecting details of high-value transactions entered into by the taxpayer.

The scope of the form has been increasing recently, for the Income Tax Department has been making changes to it, to include more and more details. According to the latest change, the ambit of Form 26AS has now been expanded to include the details of foreign remittances, mutual fund purchases, dividends, and refund details. In a nutshell, Form 26AS shows the following information:-

1. Tax deducted on a taxpayers income, of all the tax deductions
2. Details of tax collected by tax collectors
3. Advance tax paid
4. Self-assessment tax payments
5. Regular assessment tax deposited by taxpayers
6. Details of income tax refund received by the taxpayer
7. Details of high-value transactions in respect of shares, mutual funds, etc.
8. Additional details, like mutual fund purchase and dividend, interest on income tax refunds, off-market transactions, foreign remittances etc.

Form 26AS Login & Download

Can download Form 26AS from the TRACES Website of authorised banks. The step by step procedure is explained below:-

1. Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department, Government of India (link- Login using your Login ID and Password.

2. If you do not have an account with the website, you can first click on ‘Register’ to register your PAN.

Enter your User ID- It can either be your PAN Number or your Aadhar Number.
Confirm the secure access message by clicking on the box below the message. The default secure access message is set as ‘Login'.
After clicking on the box, enter your password and proceed.

3. Click on ‘e-file’ on the left-hand side of the page. After that, click on ‘Income Tax Returns’ and click on ‘View Form 26AS’ in the drop-down box.

4. You shall come across the disclaimer stating that you will be redirected to the TRACES website.

5. After entering the TRACES WEBSITE, click on ‘Proceed’.

6. Click on the link at the bottom of the page- ‘View Tax Credit (Form 26AS)’. You shall now be able to view your form 26AS.

7. You may choose to view your Form 26AS online or download it as a PDF.

Before proceeding to download, you may choose the Assessment Year and the format you wish to see your Form 26AS.

1. After selecting your assessment year and the format, you may enter the ‘Verification Code’, and click on the view/download option.

2. Your file would have been downloaded, and you can now view it offline.

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