LLP Name Selection

An LLP Name should be unique, non-generic, not representative of the objective, should be void of offensive words etc as per the guidelines of Limited Liability Partnership 2008 and Limited Partnership Rules 2009.

The guidelines for selecting an appropriate LLP name are enumerated in  Rule 18 of Chapter IV of LLP Rules 2009.

While selecting an appropriate LLP name, the following should be considered: 

  • Unique Name

An LLP name should not be generic. Since the LLP registration comes under the jurisdiction of the Central Government, the name selected should be unique and should not replicate the name of any other entity registered with MCA.

  • Not to be Registered as a Trademark

An LLP name should not replicate a Trademark, Copyrights or any other intellectual property registered already. The name selected should not infringe any intellectual property rights. 

  • Representative of Object is not mandatory

An LLP name may or may not be in consensus with the main object or activity of the LLP. Though it's not a statutory requirement, but adding an objective to their name will increase the probability to get approval for the name.

  • The name should contain 'LLP'

An LLP name should mandatorily end with the abbreviation 'LLP'.

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