Private Limited Forms Download

Pvt Ltd Forms are required to file anything from the time of incorporation till the time of dissolution. Anything which is needed to be filed shall only be filed with the Pvt Ltd forms.

Major forms which are required at the time of incorporation of Private Limited Company and after the incorporation of the company. All the forms are mandatory to file on their due date. Otherwise, Directors of the company and Company itself will face some penalties.

List of forms required for Private Limited Company filings:- Forms Description Forms Link
Name Reservation or Application Form INC-1
Incorporation Documents Spice 32
Memorandum of Association Spice 33
Article of Association Spice 34
Filing of Financial Statement & Other Documents with Registrar AOC-4
Filing of Annual Returns by Company MGT-7
Notice of situation or change of situation of registered office INC-22

Note: All the forms are downloaded via MCA on 05th March 2017.

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