Trademark Registration Cost

Cost of Trademark varies per application and steps involved. Online Trademark registration services charge approximately Rs. 12,000 (all inclusive) for a Trademark per class. Attorneys / Lawyers charge upwards of Rs 60,000 for the same service.

A trademark application goes through a number of steps in the Registration Process. Following table gives the pricing of each step. However; some fee may not be applicable in every case.  

Trademark Application Cost 

There are different trademark application costs for Individuals and Companies in India. Form TM-A is filed along with the requisite fee either physically or through e-filing

Cost for Individuals 

Trademark Search / Consultancy NIL   Free Rs. 5,000
Trademark Filing Rs. 4,500 Rs 5,999 Rs. 10,000
Trademark Objection NIL

Rs. 2,999

Rs. 12,000
Trademark Opposition Rs. 2,700  Rs. 14,999 Rs. 30,000

Total Cost

  Rs 18,000 (Approx) Rs 58,000 (Approx)

Cost for Companies

Trademark Search / Consultancy NIL Free Rs. 5,000
Trademark Filing  Rs. 9,000 Rs. 11,999 Rs. 10,000
Trademark Objection NIL

Rs. 2,999

Rs. 12,000
Trademark Opposition Rs. 2,700 Rs.14,999 Rs. 30,000
Total Cost   Rs 30,000 (Approx) Rs 58,000 (Approx)
NOTE: The Government fees is one time only, provided the Trademark has been filed correctly. There is no yearly renewal fee for the Trademark for 10 Years.

Save money with MSME Certification

MSME Certificate is issued by the Central/State Government under the MSMED Act to promote small-scale businesses in India. The owners of the MSME Certificate are liable for some special provisions and concessions from the Government. 

A company / individual can get an MSME certificate in about 2-3 days online (Rs. 2,399) and if the trademark is filed with the MSME certificate the prices at each step drop as per the following table. 

Trademark Search / Consultancy NIL Free
Trademark Filing  Rs. 4,500 Rs. 9,000
Trademark Objection NIL NIL

Physical Filing

Physical Filing is another alternative to apply for Trademark Registration in India.  You can apply at any of the different Trademark Offices by visiting personally or post the application form along with the requisite fee. (in the form of a DD or cheque)

But, it is always better to refrain from any hassle and take the help of a professional to apply online. 

International Trademark Registration 

You require filing a separate application in countries where you wish to register your trademark. Madrid Protocol is a treaty which includes 103 members that have agreed to validate a single application for trademark registration according to the International standards. 

Cost for Foreigners/NRI's 

There is a basic fee applicable for registering a trademark internationally.  In case your office of origin (trademark office of the applicant) falls in the Least Developed Country, the fee is reduced to 90% in the basic fee. Make sure to calculate the total fee before making any payment. 

The fee differs according to different factors like - 

  • A country in which the trademark is being applied. 
  • Type of trademark (colour, collective or certification mark) 
  • Number of Trademarks. 

For example, An applicant has a registered trademark in India and wish to file a fresh application in the below countries. 

Country Applied in Number of Classes Type Individual Fee
Switzerland 1 Colour/Collective   450
Finland Colour/Collective  243/324 

For example, A foreigner/NRI wish to register a trademark in India. 

Country Applied in Number of Classes Type Individual Fee


1 Colour/Collective   148
Note: The entire fee is submitted in WIPO and must be paid in Swiss francs. A payment acknowledgement is received within 10 days of making the payment.

The payment can be initiated through - 

  • WIPO Current Account
  • Credit card payments 
  • Bank or postal transfer


Usually, there is a no refund policy for the payment made while filing the application on IP India. Registration is not automatic and requires legal review by an examining attorney, therefore, it is advised to take necessary steps before initiating the process.


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