Factors to Consider While Choosing a Business Type

There are a variety of factors like legal existence; the number of people involved in the business; your capital and funding etc. before deciding on the business type you want to register. This article will give you a brief overview of these factors which you need to consider before registering your business.

1. Legal Existence:

For a startup, it’s best to first consider whether you want to start business under a legal entity or under your own name.

2. No. of persons Involved:

The second key factor for choosing the right type of company depends upon the number of persons involved in the initial stage of the startup.

3. Capital requirement:

Choosing the right type of company also depends upon the initial capital eligibility and future funds availability.

4. Funding requirements:

If in near future, funding is required in the startup, then it has to be planned in the initial stage of the business.

5. Restriction on Personal Liability:

It has to be decided in the initial stage whether the key persons are liable personally, or there should be any restriction.

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