FSSAI Standards & FSSAI License for Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are beverages (non-alcoholic) containing caffeine which are said to provide refreshing effects. It has been estimated that energy drinks will capture a massive share of the market in the coming years. FSSAI registration is mandatory to engage in the energy drinks sector.

Energy Drink: AN OVERVIEW

Energy drinks are beverages that contain guarana, taurine, inositol, carnitine, B-vitamins, etc. as its ingredients, and also contain caffeine. FSSAI has enabled regulations for energy drinks to ensure better monitoring of those businesses. Appropriate provisions have also been put in line for the packaging and labeling of such products.

Business operators willing to make a move to this market must apply to FSSAI by filing an application to the concerned department along with the requisite documents and fees.


  • The level of caffeine is prescribed to be no less than 145 mg/per liter and not exceeding 300 mg/liter. 
  • Level of Saccharin Sodium no more than 100 ppm or Acesulfame-K no more than 300 ppm or Aspertame no more than 700 ppm or sucralose, no more than 300 ppm or Neotame no more than 33 ppm.
  • Packaging and Labelling Regulations on beverages provide that:
  1. Bottles of Plastic are made of either Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or Polycarbonate (PC) with Plastic (Polypropylene (PP)) or High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or Aluminum caps.
  2. Metal Containers with plastic or Polypropylene (PP) caps or metal or plastic lid, Rigid Plastic container with plastic caps (Polypropylene (PP) Caps).
  3. laminated structured plastic pouch.
  4. Plastic pouches are made of Polyethylene (PE).
  5. Glass bottles with metal caps or plastic caps.
  6. Aseptic and flexible packaging material with multilayered structure.
  7. Plastic-based multi-layered structure heat sealed pouches/ Zipper pouches/stand up pouches.
  • All bottled beverages must be stored appropriately while in transportation to make sure that the seals remain intact and the product is not damaged by any means.


The regulations and standards set up for energy drinks are under continuous observation by FSSAI with the increasing demand for such products. The health of individuals in the country is a matter of concern that cannot be delayed or set aside at any cost. Therefore, FSSAI is consistently making efforts to build a stronger foundation for all types of food articles including beverages to safeguard the health of the consumers.

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