GST registration for the freelancers

After the implementation of the GST on 1st July, the Indian blogging system has taken a turn of 360 degrees. As per the new rules of the GST, now bloggers will have to pay 18% GST on the income of more than 20 lakhs.

Everything is still under doubtfulness other than this, which includes the GST filing and application of the new tax instructions and guidelines. Currently, a lot of confusion is going on in the market and you will get a clear idea about the process of registration for the freelancers from this topic.

This article is about the process of the registration of GST for the freelancers. In this article you will be guided to a step by step process on GST registration.

No exemptions will be made after the introduction of the GST on 1st July 2017. The rules go same for both of the product sellers as well as the service providers. Bloggers are associated with every service and they are also generating revenue. So, they are also liable for the GST registration. But according to other economists, services exported outside of the India is exempted from the GST.

How are the bloggers paid?

Certain things are related to GST some of which are not addressed in the GST law. The freelancers and the bloggers go under the category of the ‘services export’. The export services are withdrawn from the GST but the filling is mandatory at the end of the financial year. The general working pattern is this- the freelancers work with the foreign clients and they are paid via PayPal. The money is saved into their savings or current account.

GST registration for the bloggers

As per the section 24 concluded in the GST act, if any individual has income from outside India or any other state, he/she is liable to be registered for the GST and no exceptions will be made. If you have a small business that has revenue of 20 lakhs, then exemptions will be made. But, if you have income from outside India, then you must register GST, that also without any exemption limit.

The process for the Registration

A simple step by step process is given in hereunder.

1.    You need to create a login account in the official GST website. There you have to fill a valid email id, PAN number. Once you have uploaded the number the site will verify the number. For verifying the email id and mobile number a Onetime password will be sent to you.

2.    Here is the list of documents that you need to upload.

  • Photograph
  • Taxpayers constitution,
  • Business address proof,
  • Bank account details

You also need to fill the online form submission which requires FORM GST REG-02.

3.    After that, the documents the are sent to the officer who verifies and checks the authenticity the application and the documents. If everything is alright, then you should get your GST registration within three working days. If any document is wrong or missing all information will be sent to you in 3 business days in FORM GST REG-03.

However, if no problem occurs from the verification team within the working days, your registration will be granted.

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