Requirements for filing Design Application

Types of Design Application

There are majorly two types of a design application;

  • Ordinary Application: The application which is made for a design initially and does not claim priority from any application is called an ordinary application.
  • Conventional Application: An application which claims a priority based on a convention application(s), is termed as a convention application. The application should be filed in an Indian Design Office to get a convention status. This is expected to be done within 6 months from the date of the first filing in the convention country

Requirements for filing Design Application

  • Applicant details
    1. Name of the Applicant
    2. Address Proof
    3. ID Proof.
  • Name of the Article along with the title.
  • Representation of the Design: There is a need to submit different looks of the same design from varied angles and in an A4 Sheet.
  • In case priority is claimed then the details attached to it needs to be stated;
    1. Name of Priority Country or Inter-Governmental organization.
    2. Filing number and filing date of priority application.
    3. Priority Document
  • If an assignment is applicable, then copy of assignment certified as true copy by a notary& the Patent office.

Fees of Filing

The registration and renewal fees for registration of a design are;

  • Application for registration of design is Rs. 1000/-
  • Extension of copyright is Rs. 2000/-

Various others fees are attached to this which varies with the requirement & place of the registration.

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