Trade License in Haryana - Apply online, Complete Details

A document that permits to commence trade/business in a particular area/location is a Trade License. The State Government issues it. An individual having a trade license can continue their operations without any disruptions. The license ensures that all the laws necessary to run the business have complied.

The license holder can run the business for which license has been obtained and not any other business. In other words, the business can operate such activity in the particular area for which license is granted by the authority. This article elaborates on the process for obtaining Haryana Trade License.

Process for making Online Application for Trade License in Haryana:

The applicants have to follow these steps to make an online application for the trade license in Haryana.

Step 1: Applicants have to visit the online portal of Urban Local Body Haryana.
Step 2: After which, the applicant must click on the option of "Trade License” on the homepage.
Step 3: The application form for Trade License will appear.
Step 4: Fill in the details mentioned in the form, which includes:

  • Business Details
  • Firm Details
  • Applicant’s address details, 
  • Type of license, 
  • Fee details, etc.

Then submit the form.

Step 5: After filling in all the details in the form, upload the necessary documents and submit the application.
Step 6: After the successful submission of the application, it will generate a unique application number.
Step 7: Further, the concerned official will verify the documents.
Step 8: After the application is verified, the applicant needs to pay for issuing the license. The following details are required for making the payment:

  • UBL name
  • Collection date and collection center
  • Payment mode
  • Bank details

Step 9: For making an online payment click on the “Make Payment” button. And once payment is made, the system will generate an acknowledgment slip.
Step 10: Once the payment process is done, the concerned authority will issue the Trade license after completing the verification.

Documents required for Trade License in Haryana:

Registration certificate/sale or land deed with name transfer from Urban Local Bodies, rent agreement (where rented premises are used), Property Tax receipt, Building Permission.

Validity of Trade License:

The trade license is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of issue/renewal.

Haryana Trade License Fees:

The state government authorizes districts to issue the license through Municipal Corporation as per the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994. The statutory fees paid to the department for obtaining a license depend on the nature and scale of the business.

A person can obtain a trade license for commercial premises where the government does not restrict trade activities. The license holder can get the advantage of increased goodwill in the market and attract investors to expand the business. Also, it protects the owners against certain types of liability. The businesses must obtain a Trade License, which ensures that the safety measures, guidelines, and applicable laws are properly followed, in the absence of which the business can be penalized by the government.

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