Trademark & Patent Registration under Startup India

The Government of India has decided to help innovative businesses by launching the Start-Up India Action Plan 2016. Let's have a look at the perks of trademark and patent registration under the Startup India initiative.

Part of these plans appeared in "The Scheme for Facilitating Start-ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP)". This Scheme assists to the Start-ups in various steps from filing until registration of various Intellectual Property objects such as Trade Marks, Patents and Designs.

If you conform to specific requirements of the Start-Up India Action Plan 2016, then here are some benefits regarding patent application you may enjoy:

  1. 80% cut in the patent application fee for start-ups – keep in mind that this fee reduction is a pilot project lasting one year, a decision on the extension will be taken on the basis of the experience gained
  2. Panel of facilitators to provide legal support and assist in the filing of patent applications
  3. Fast track examination and disposal of patent registration applications

What are the benefits regarding trademark registration?

For the purpose of facilitating the Start-ups and giving them assistance while getting their Intellectual Property registered in India, the Controller General of Patents, Design, and Trademarks (CGPDTM) also appoints a panel of Facilitators.

The Facilitators would perform the below-mentioned function:

  • Providing general and basic advice to the Start-ups with respect to different Intellectual Properties
  • Providing information regarding protecting and promoting IPRs in different countries
  • Providing assistance and guidance in filing the applications for registration of Intellectual Properties like Trademarks, Patents and Designs and disposal of the same at the Indian Offices under the CGPDTM
  • Drafting Specifications, Claims, response to Examination Reports/Queries etc
  • Attending hearing on behalf of Start-ups
  • Contestingthird-party Oppositions
  • Ensuring disposal of the IPR applications

The Facilitators are not allowed to charge anything from the Start-ups for the services provided by them.

Therefore, as a part of the SIPP, startups will only be paying the required governmental fee for IP filings in India and abroad.

The list of facilitators for both patents and trademarks is now published with the Government of India.

As part of the SIPP Start-ups will possess complete right on their obtained Intellectual properties without any exclusions.

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