All you need to know about FSSAI Product Approval

FSSAI has established norms for approval of products that are not covered under the Food Safety and Standards Act and Regulations. The application for product approval can be submitted through online means (FSSAI FPAS Online system).

A business operator needs to get approval for his product. He must file an online application and the prescribed fee to be submitted via demand draft at the FSSAI office in New Delhi. The online compliance system was introduced as a step forward towards ease of business for the food operators.  

This article discusses the various aspects of product approval by FSSAI.

Details to be Submitted for FSSAI Product Approval:

The following information is required for submitting an application for product approval:

  • Name and Address of Business 
  • Email and contact details
  • Address of Manufacturers
  • Serving and Ingredients Details
  • Shelf Life of the Product
  • Type of Business 
  • Method of Manufacturing
  • Details of Origin of product and country of origin
  • Common Name
  • Brand Name
  • Claim (if any)
  • Package Size 

Documents to be submitted for FSSAI Product Approval Application:

  • Food Product Label
  • Method of manufacturing
  • Datasheet for accelerated stability 
  • Real-time stability datasheet
  • End-use declaration 
  • Certificate of Analysis from NABL Lab
  • Undertaking and Form-9

Procedures involved in obtaining FSSAI Product Approval:

Incorporating Business Entity - FSSAI product approval gives permission for a business to legally manufacture or market a certain type of food product in India. The application can be made by a corporate entity like Private Limited Company or LLP to gain better future prospects of the business. 

Food Business Operator License - While filing the application for food product approval, FBO needs to provide a copy of the FSSAI license as well.

Test Reports - To testify on various parameters of the food product based on the nature of the product, NABL lab reports must also be attached with the application of food product approval. 

Food Product Label - There shall be a label for the food product to ensure that FSSAI Food Product Labeling Standards are properly complied with. 

Submitting the Application - After all the essential obligations are fulfilled, the application for FSSAI product approval must be submitted through an online system i.e. Food Product Approval System (FPAS). 

There are a variety of food articles that require product approval from FSSAI. It is important to follow the guidelines and procedures as specified under the Act to prevent the cancellation of the product approval application.

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