Documents required for Company Incorporation

Entrepreneurs or Business possessors always need to know the documents required for the enrollment or objectification of a company or association. This particular composition gives details and descriptions of the documents needed for the company or association's enrollment or incorporation.

What are the documents needed for the Incorporation of a Company?

The following documents are needed for company enrollment in India 

1. Digital Hand Certificate (DSC) 
2. Director Identification Number ( Noise) 
3. Registration on the MCA Portal 
4. Certificate of Incorporation 

What are the documents needed for Digital Signat Instrument (DSC)?

The following are the documents needed 

1. Identity Evidence. 
2. The aspirant’s hand must be in Blue Ink. 
3. The aspirant should subscribe across his/ her print in the operation form. 
4 The aspirant should get all the documents attested. 

What are the documents needed for Indian Citizens ( Directors)?

The following documents are obligatory for Indian Citizens for the objectification of a company in India. 

1. PAN Card 
2. Passport 
3. Election Card or Voter Identity Card 
4. Portion Card 
5. Driving License 
6. Electricity Bill 
7. Telephone Bill 
8. Aadhaar Card 
9. Bank Statement 

What are the documents needed for Foreign National (Director)? 

The following documents are 

1. Passport 
2. Driving License 
3. Residence Card 
4. Bank Statement 
5. A government-issued form of identification. 

  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone Bill 
  • Mobile Bill 

The Foreign Citizens must get their identity evidence and address evidence attested by the following authorities. 

  • Delegacy of Native Country
  • Inked by Native Country 
  • Apostilled by Native Country 

What are the documents needed for a Corporation Office Address Enrollment of its Rented Property? 

  • Copy of rent agreement or parcel deed
  • Copy of electricity bill 
  • Copy of NOC from the landlord 
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card and PAN Card of the landlord.

What documents are required for Enrollment of Corporation Office Address Property? 

  • Copy of property papers; 
  • Copy of any mileage bill 
  • Copy of NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Copy of Property Deed of Trade Deed

What documents are required for ROC Enrollment? 

1. MoA (Memorandum of Association) 
2. Papers of Association 

What forms are to be filed for the Instrument of Incorporation? 

  • INC-7 
  • INC-22 
  • DIR-12 


These are all essential documents mandatory for India's company or association enrollment or objectification. All new Directors, Authors, Entrepreneurs, or Business Possessors should have these documents to register or incorporate their companies or association in India successfully. 

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