Fees and Time Taken to register OPC

Since, you already know that it takes about 1-5 days to get the Digital Signature Certificate(DSC), then for the Name Approval it takes about 4-10 days and finally the process of Incorporation takes about 4-10 days. With Quickcompany.in you can get your Company registered easily within 10-20 working days after you have uploaded all your documents.

The Cost of registering an OPC in India is detailed in the following points;

The cost of company registration in India depends on various factors, and of them, the fundamental factor is the authorized share of capital with which you would register your One Person Company. If you want to record the company with minimum requirements, then the company registration will be less expensive than for higher requirements. The other factors on which the cost depends on are as follows:

Registration of a Company is not possible without the guidance of the Chartered Accountant or CS.

The cost of company registration in India are mentioned in details with each stage:

1. The Number of Directors

2. Stamp duty

3. The Fee of the professional Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary

4. DSC(Digital Signature Certificate)

It is the most important part of your registration, without which you cannot file a single online form to get the registration done. In India, DSC can be obtained with a validity of two years by paying a sum of Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000. The price varies from person to person which leaves space for negotiation.

5. DIN(Digital Identification Number)

This is the next step that is involved in the process of registration, the cost associated with DIN are

  • Stamp Paper(affidavit)- Notary Charges(may vary with person)
  • The fee of Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary for certifying your DIN application which varies from each professional to another and also on the capital of the Company.
  • For your Name approval, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will cost you Rs. 1,000 only.(may vary with state)
  • Company Registration includes the cost of MOA and AOA which varies along with the capital.
  • Fees of the form depends on the capital of the Company.
  • Stamp duty Charges for all the forms involved sums up to approx Rs. 700 which may vary with the state of incorporation.

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