How to Change a Digital Signature Certificate

An application can be made to change the details of a Digital Signature Certificate. Only changes with regard to contact and address are allowed. A DSC can be renewed through an online process, an application for renewal is to be made at least seven days before the expiry of the digital signature.

To ensure the security of online transactions, Digital Signature Certificates were introduced to ensure protection and authenticity of documents transferred online. For instance, e-tax filing requires the use of DSCs by companies (and individuals under tax audit), as a mandatory compliance. Both individuals and organisations can apply for a digital signature certificate.

Depending on the type of transactions, there are different types of DSCs. For instance, Class 2 is the most common type of DSC, and most applications accept this digital signature, such as e-tax filing, MCA filings, etc. The validity of these digital signatures is usually for a year or two, after which it can be renewed through a simple application. For any change in details, an application has to be made for updating the same.

Steps for Renewal/Change of DSC

For renewal/change of DSC, you would require a DSC USB token to download the digital signature. You could use approved/ verified tokens, such as Aladdin, Gemalto, Moser Bear, e-Pass and WatchData.

It is compulsory to use the same name for renewal. In case of any change in the name of the individual, a fresh DSC will be needed. Only changes with regard to address and contact details are permissible. For DSC renewal, the application should be made at least seven days before the expiry of the digital signature.

  1. Go to the homepage of the certifying authority (Government recognised service providers include Sify Safescrypt, e-Mudhra, and Capricorn Identity Services) with whom you have your DSC and log into your account.
  2. Click on the change DSC option.
  3. Fill the necessary details (in case of renewal) or modify the information (in case of a change).
  4. Once you are confident that the details filled by you are true and accurate, click on Change/Renew DSC option.

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What to do if your DSC is Expired?

In case your DSC has expired, the straightforward thing to do is reapply for a new digital signature. Once you receive the fresh DSC you need to re-register your DSC where you want to use it - Either with the NDSL or MCA, so that you can use your DSC on the documents that you file.

  1. To re-register with the NSDL-TIN, you need to fill the DSC change authorisation letter and submit the same with the screenshots of the new DSC.
  2. To re-register with the MCA, you can update the details of the new digital signature with the MCA’s Register DSC facility.

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