How to Find if a Logo is Trademarked?

Trademark Image Search tool is the solution to make sure the logo you wish to trademark is not taken by someone else. It will help you to search from a database of different logos in India.

Before applying for the trademark, it is crucial to search thoroughly for the logo you wish to associate with your business. Trademark Image Search helps you to know if the proposed logo is already trademarked and display visually similar logos.

What is Logo Search?

Once you have decided on a particular logo which you wish to use, it is essential to get it registered. But, before you initiate the registration process, it is critical to know of its distinctiveness.

A logo is a mirror to the products or services you wish to market, and therefore, it should always be relatable. Trademark Logo Search is a tool which is scale, position, and background invariant. It compares different logos and provides similar results.

The tool helps every business to find

  • If there are any similar logos.
  • If the Design is copied.
  • Uniqueness of a shape.
  • Visually similar trademarks especially in case of objection.

Why is Logo Search important?

To secure a brand, it becomes critical to make sure that the logo you wish to register is distinct and not taken by anyone. It safeguards you from infringing on anybody’s rights and restrain from the opposition during the registration process.

Logo Search provides you to search in a vast database of different logos, which are already applied under different classes. It is necessary to conduct a logo search if you do not wish to get trapped in an objection, opposition or infringement case.

How to find if your logo is taken?

Quick Company in India has launched one of its kind image search tool which helps to find out similar logos, trademark availability, tracking status under one roof.

This tool is a perfect combination of technology and mathematics and works on shape-based similarity results.

To search your logo on the tool

The search results will display all the similar logos along with the class under which they are registered.


Once you have applied for your trademark, you can use ‘TM’ with the particular logo. It usually refers that the logo has been applied for trademark registration while ‘R’ is used for already registered logos or designs.

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