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Get a comprehensive trademark search report in minutes, complete with Similar, Exact & Phonetic matches in all 45 Classes.

Once you have finalised your desired trademark, you need to ensure that no one else is using the same or similar mark, before you proceed for trademark registration. This can be done by conducting a trademark search. 

How is a Trademark Search done? 

Many businesses hire special law firms to conduct a search through various public trademark data available in the IPIndia’s database. 

This can prove to be expensive, especially if you want multiple searches done, as you would be charged for each search.

We offer Best-in-Class Trademark Search Results for Free! 

The QuickCompany Trademark Search Advantage

At,, we believe that every business should have an opportunity to conduct a search for their potential brand and products marks, without having to spend thousands. 

We have developed a smart algorithm that allows for a full trademark search that gives Similar, Exact & Phonetic matches in all 45 Classes. 

This makes our Trademark reports more reliable, with almost no room for human error. As an added advantage, our reports are instant, helping you make brand decisions faster! 

Full Trademark Search Report 

India’s best trademark search engine – Used by thousands of businesses! 

  • Best trademark search Algorithm - Proven results that find 99.9% of confusingly similar trademarks
  • Patented Trademark Image Search –  India’s first trademark image search for figurative marks
  • Complete Search – All Similar, Exact & Phonetic matches are listed
  • Complete Information – Application ID and status, type of mark, the status of registration are mentioned
  • Complete Class Search – All identical results from all classes are included
  • Complete IPIndia Records – Search conducted through all the public trademark data available on IPIndia 
  • Ranked results – The results are ranked in the order of relevance, saving you time
  • Instant deliveryTrademark search report is generated instantly online, and also available for download. 

How to get a Trademark Search Report

All the hard work is done by us, all you need to enter is the mark you want to search for in the space provided and hit GO! 

The accuracy of our trademark Search

Our trained search algorithm gives 99.9% accurate search results, after analysing thousands if records found in the IPIndia’s database. 

Our search finds trademarks that are: 

  1. Identical 
  2. Similar
  3. Phonetically Similar 
  4. Misspelling and plurals
  5. Containing words with prefix, suffix and infix variations
  6. Abbreviations, acronyms

Trademark Image Search 

We have come up with India’s first Trademark Image Search tool. It allows you to search for visually similar marks and other image-based brand assets amongst the thousands of images available in the IPIndia’s database. 

This image-search functionality adds an important aspect of your trademark search, making it a complete and comprehensive trademark search.

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