Instamojo leads a new Vision for MSME in General Elections

Instamojo, a leading payment solutions company, has started a campaign named 'IAMMSME' to promote small businesses and bring focus to the problems faced by them. The campaign was started on 8th of April and will end on 20th May 2019.

Polling for Elections has already started in few states of India which brings us closer to the counting day. With people expecting a productive government,     

Instamojo, one of the leading payment solutions company for small businesses have also contributed their bit to make 2019 elections a platform for the MSME sector.

Instamojo launched an ‘IAMMSME’ campaign on 8th April 2019 to promote the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and bring forward the major issues faced by them. 

The campaign urges the owners of the MSME sector to pledge their votes in the elections and also list down their top 3 problems. It is being promoted through all the social media channels of the company.

Instamojo has also created a separate gateway for this campaign to login and register different small business owners and reach out to the masses.

The CEO and Co-founder of Instamojo, Mr. Sampad Swain believes that the company is dedicated to promote the MSME sector constantly and also provide them with technological benefits which will upgrade their business.

Through ‘IAMMSME’, Instamojo motivates small business owners to go out and vote and also bring to light the most important problems of their business journey for the coming government. 

Since digital market growth is at its peak the coming 5 years are critical for every small scale business owner and this initiative will help provide the government major areas to work.

MSME is a registration certificate for business entities that are in manufacturing or services sectors and have a capital of maximum Rs. 10 Crore (for manufacturing) and Rs. 5 Crore (for services).

Though it is not necessary to register your business as MSME however; with a registration certificate you can avail different tax benefits levied by the government.

This campaign will run till 20th May 2019 for all business entities to register them and pledge to vote this election.

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