Post OPC Registration Formalities

The New Companies Act, 2013 states that after the incorporation of every company there are certain formalities that are to be done to meet the immediate requirements. The following formalities are important and mandatory to maintain the Company after incorporation.

  • Company PAN & TAN cards are the initial/fundamental requirements for a company. This would give the shop act license.
  • A Current Bank Account needs to be opened of the Company.
  • A subscription money is paid with the Current Bank Account.
  • The Share Certificates are issued and given to the subscribers/shareholders of the Company.
  • Filing e-form INC-21 with the Registrar of Company(RoC). This should be filed within 189 days after the company incorporation.

Annual Return Filing for OPC

The annual return is must for all the companies with the close of the financial year. The particulars included in the Annual Return filing are as follows;

  • The registered office of the company, principal business activities, particulars of the holdings and other associate companies.
  • Particulars about its shares, debentures, and other securities & shareholding pattern.
  • Details about its members, and shareholders and also if there is any change in the company members before the end of financial year then it needs to be stated in the Annual Filing.
  • Details about the Board meetings, along with the attendance details.
  • The remuneration of the Directors and members, if there is any increment or change in the salary then it is also to be mentioned in details.
  • If there is any case of punishment imposed on the Company or its members then the detailed information about the offence is to be mentioned in the Annual Return.

The Annual Return is compulsory to be signed by the company secretary or by the directors in case if there is no secretary.

Financial Statement (Section 134)

Within 180 days of the closure of the final year the Financial Statement needs to be filed with the Register of Company in case of the One Person Company(OPC). There are some important documents that are essential to be attached to the financial statement;

  • The statement is to be duly signed by one director for submission of the financial statement to the Auditor for his report.
  • Board of Directors needs to formulate a report as well which is to be attached and a separate report containing explanations and comments on the working of the One Person Company is also to be made by the Board.
  • ROC filing within 180 days before the closure of the financial year.
  • It may not include the details about the company cash flow.

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