Start-up: At the age of 18

Waking an hour early, is to live for an hour more.Taking a leap over, is to start something with a roarTrust the magic of the new beginning.

Waking an hour early, is to live for an hour more.
Taking a leap over, is to start something with a roar
Trust the magic of the new beginning.

Initiating a new instinct pop-up in your head is one of the most promising gambles, one can ever play. The gamble is not about winning or losing; it’s about the courage to believe in the illusion of the instinct to run your own business.

The early you start, the longer you get a chance to strive. You turn 18 only once. Grab the opportunity with open arms, to emerge as an entrepreneur. The immense freedom and control over resources have its own high. However, the road to success is never meant to be direct.

Hopping on the battle ground at such early stage is not an easy task. There are many stumbles in the road, which you will have to dodge.

Its okay to not fulfil your Family’s Expectations.

A typical scenario is to transfer a well-grown family business as a prodigy to their off springs. A business model which is everything for the family might not be the same for the young blood. You have to be confident enough to love your real instincts. Don’t be fickle minded, follow your gut, you can easily overcome the dilemma.

You have to be vocal about your intentions with your family. You can either suggest to outsource or sell off the family business altogether.

Preach what you do and not what u can.

The best way to crack the road to success is to preach your hobby as a business. It is one thing you have been doing since forever out of mere interest and passion. It provides an edge over something you will start to learn from scratch.

Even if your business model is on a different ground, you can always try to root the approach towards it from the perspective of your hobbies.

Don’t worry about a workplace.

You can't run a profitable business from home in your jammies, is a pure myth

Use your limited resources wisely. Keep your profile simple yet authentic. You can opt for co-working spaces instead of investing in fancy fixed structures. Such fixed capital investments slowly eat away the finance infusion.

Set your Priorities right.

 You need to sort your preferences between further studies, a dream job or a dream instinct. It is naïve to think you can tackle all three of them at once. You can channelize your efforts and commitment according to your priority. Being an entrepreneur requires a whole time effort.

Finding an investor is not an end.

 Raising funds is essential but not the ultimate goal. Finding Investors and achieving a benchmark are two different things. The attainment of a benchmark helps the startup to grow along the hockey stick curve. Market captivation, product differentiation, enhancement in revenues are the ends, raising money is not. If you happen to confuse fundraising to an end, you will enter a vicious cycle of a cash burnout.

Success ladder cannot be climbed overnight.

 Success takes time. One might not reach the end in their first or a couple of subsequent attempts. However, don't lose faith in your gut feeling. If you are confident about the business model, mitigate your mistakes and continue to provide valued service to the customers.

Don’t be afraid of playing with such pop-ups at such a tender age. It is the right age to bruise your knees and elbows in the battleground of entrepreneurship.

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