Do You Need a Copyright Attorney?

Copyright Attorneys are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge about the procedure and pitfalls. Filing through an attorney will protect your work from unauthorized use and objections.

These attorneys are specialized in handling the application process or infringement issues. They can help you by guiding your through the entire process and take necessary steps whenever required.

Why do you need a Copyright Attorney?

Though your work will automatically fall under copyright protection, applying for a Copyright will help you

  • In filing required documents, copies of work, necessary information in a proper format.
  • Handling issues during the application process like objections, discrepancy or hearing sessions.
  • Know the rights of a copyright holder within India or even in foreign countries to handle infringement cases.
  • Professional guidance for international registrations, licenses or assignments.
Note: Once an attorney initiate the registration he becomes liable for all the proceedings in the process.

Where to find Registered Attorneys?

The names of Registered Attorneys are maintained by the Bar Council of India where you can find different copyright attorneys. You can also conduct a Google Search to know the popular names in this field.

Make sure you choose a registered copyright attorney and check their background by analysing their cases.

Note: Consult the attorney about your case before you decide whom to choose.

How much do they Cost?

Usually attorneys charge for all the paper work and on an hourly basis if they have to represent you in the Court. It might be so that the attorney may take only a percentage of his share if you win the case (objection or infringement).

On the other hand, Quick Company, a legal registration company, has reduced the prices so that it does not land high on your pocket. They have a team of copyright experts who will guide you throughout the registration process and update you on all the necessary steps.  

Fee Breakdown

You can make the payment for the services through all the online payment modes available like net banking, credit/debit card, IMPS, NEFT or cash deposit in the bank account. For foreign clients, the facility of payment through PayPal is also available. 

Type of Work  QuickCompany Fee Attorney Fee
Literary, Dramatic, Artistic or Musical Rs. 3,499 Rs. 10,000
Cinematograph Film  Rs. 7,499 Rs. 20,000
Sound Recording  Rs. 4,499 Rs. 15,000 
Total Cost  Rs. 16,000(approx) Rs. 45,000
Note: Discuss the fee structure and the billing methods well in advance.


Since registration is not automatic and requires legal reviews of the Copyright Examiners, there is no refund policy for the payment you make. 

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