Memorandum and Article of Association

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

MOA is a document which contains the objective and power of the company. It must be drafted at the time of incorporation and must include six clauses revealing the company name, registered company address, its limited liabilities, share capital, company objects, and association of the shareholders and other stakeholders with the company.

Articles of Association (AOA)

AOA are the by-laws of the company which specifies the regulations for a company’s operation.

It defines the roles and duties of the directors and other officers of the company. Information such as the total number of members, rules for a meeting of the company, voting power of members must be included in the AOA.

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In case of Public Limited Company, no restriction on the transferability of the shares is there but complete restriction on the transferability of the shares of a Private Company through its Articles of Association, whereas there is no restriction on the transferability of the shares of a Public company apart from having the limited liability feature enjoys several

Public Limited Company is the biggest and the most powerful form of business in India. Public limited companies give the trust that you are doing something big and also they, have noted that the valuation

A public company can go to public for funds. It can raise any finance; can enjoy any type of legal relaxation. Public companies in India are only permitted to list their shares in the stock markets.

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