Trademark Class 2: Paints and Varnishes

According to NICE Classification, Trademark Class 2 is opted to register a trademark for paints, colourants and preparations used for the protection against corrosion.

The NICE Classification was established in 1957 by NICE Agreement, and it divides marks into 45 different classes by Goods and Services (Classes 1-34 for Goods and Classes 35-45 for Services). The purpose of these classifications is to allow users to seek trademark goods or services into classes most appropriate to their business.

TM Class 2 includes paints, dyes, colourants, varnishes, thinners, lacquers, resins, anti-preparations, primers, pigments.

Why Should We Opt For TM Class 2?

You would choose Trademark Class 2 if you were registering any of these types of goods:

  • Paints, varnishes and lacquers for industry, handicrafts and arts
  • Dyestuffs for clothing
  • Colourants for foodstuffs and beverages

You would not use Trademark Class 2 if you were registering for:

  • Unprocessed artificial resins (Class 1)
  • Laundry bluing (Class 3)
  • Cosmetic dyes (Class 3)
  • Paint boxes (articles for use in school) (Class 16)
  • Insulating paints and varnishes (Class 17)

Related Classes

A related trademark class is one that is related to another class; this is due to the Indian Trademark Office (ITO) has determined that applicants registering within Class 2 may register in these other classes too.

If you are not sure while choosing Class 2 for your product, you also consider the following “Related Classes”: Class 4- Lubricants and Industrial Oils, Class 42- Science and Technology Services, Class 31- Grains and Agriculture, Class 32- Beers and Beverages, and Class 33- Alcoholic Beverages.

Trademark Registration fees also vary on bases of the Class system. You must pay a separate registration fee for each class of goods and services that you want to register. For instance, if you are going to register a trademark for Hardware in Class 6 and Software for Class 9, you should pay two separate fees.

It is necessary to choose the correct class at the time of registering a trademark, if you register a trademark in the wrong class, you must start the registration process from the beginning.

List of All Goods Covered Under TM Class 2           

  • Paints, Aluminium paints, Aluminium powder for painting, Anti-fouling paints, Asbestos paints, Bactericidal paints, Binding preparations for paints / agglutinants for paints, Bronze powder for painting, Ceramic paints, Coatings [paints], Coatings for roofing felt [paints]/ coatings for tarred felt [paints], Enamels for painting / enamel paints, Fireproof paints, Gamboge for painting, metal Foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists, Metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists, Paints*, repositionable Paint patches, Siccatives [drying agents]for paints, Thickeners for paints, Thinners for paints, Titanium dioxide [pigment], Toner cartridges, filled, for printers and photocopiers, Toners [ink]for photocopiers / ink [toner]for photocopiers, Turpentine [thinner for paints], Undercoating for vehicle chassis / undersealing for vehicle chassis, White lead, Whitewash, Wood coatings [paints], Wood mordants, Wood stains, Zinc oxide [pigment].
  • Varnishes*, anti-rust greases, anti-rust oils, anti-rust preparations for preservation, anti-tarnishing preparations for metals, bitumen varnish, caesium, canada balsam, carbon black [pigment], carbonyl [wood preservative], cochineal carmine, colophony, copal, copal varnish, creosote for wood preservation, distempers, enamels [varnishes], fixatives [varnishes], sumac for varnishes.
  • Lacquers, bronzing lacquers, glazes [paints, lacquers], gum resins, gum-lac / shellac, ink for leather, ink for skin-dressing, lacquers, mordants*, natural resins, raw, orange lead / litharge, pigments, primers, printers’ pastes [ink]/ printing compositions [ink], printing ink, protective preparations for metals, red lead / minimum, sandarac, sienna earth, silver emulsions [pigments], silver paste, silvering powders, stains for leather / mordants for leather, thinners for lacquers.
  • Preservatives, alizarine dyes, aniline dyes, annotto [dyestuff]/ annatto [dyestuff], anti-corrosive bands, anti-corrosive preparations, black japan, caramel [food colorant], cobalt oxide [colorant], colorants for beer, colorants for beverages, colorants for butter, colorants for liqueurs, colorants* / dyestuffs, dyes*, dyewood / coloring [colouring]wood / dye-wood, dyewood extracts / wood dyestuffs, eengraving ink, fixatives for watercolors [watercolours]/ fixatives for watercolors / fixatives for watercolours, food dyes / food colorants, indigo [colorant], lamp black [pigment], lime wash, malt caramel [food colorant], malt colorants, marking ink for animals, mastic [natural resin], oils for the preservation of wood / preservative oils for wood, paper for dyeing easter eggs, saffron [colorant], shoe dyes, soot [colorant], turmeric [colorant], wood preservatives, yellowwood [colorant].
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